Prometeo Research Group on Pharmacology of Asthma and COPD

Pharmacology at the University of Valencia (in particular its Faculty of Medicine) and the linked University Hospitals (in particular INCLIVA-‘Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria’ – University Clinic Hospital) has developed a rich history of achievements with a strong tradition of scholarship. Our Research Group participates in several research projects of National Plan as well as Prometeo project of Regional Government  for the last two decades: PB84/0451; PB86/0428; FIS 87/1376; FIS 88/1850; PM 99-015; FAR 90-0680, SAF 93/0132; SAF 96/200; SAF 99/111; SAF2002-4667; SAF 2005-669; SAF2008-03113; SAF2011-26443; SAF2014-55322-P; SAF94-0838; SAF97-0047; SAF2000-0144; SAF2003-07206-C02-01; SAF2006-01002; SAF2009-08913; SAF2012-31042,  FEDER 1FD97-1143,  PROMETEO FASE I y FASE II (PROMETEO/2008/045; PROMETEO II/2013/014) and PROMETEO/2017/023, from Generalitat Valenciana), recently recognized as ‘excellence network’ (Institutos Superiores de Investigación Cooperativa; ISIC/2012/018) among other initiatives including the widely recognized research projects CIBER (CIBERES on respiratory diseases) and CAIBER financed by National Institute of Health ‘Carlos III’.

We have contributed to the pharmacological characterization of different drugs with various mechanisms of action and with the collaboration with drug companies in a commitment with innovation and transfer of knowledge which has translated into research projects financed under programs such as CENIT and TRACE as well as research contracts with different drug companies at Spain and abroad (Germany and the U.S.A.). In particular, we have provided a substantial part of the preclinical research of roflumilast, the first drug introduced for COPD treatment under a new category, the 2nd generation monoselective inhibitors of phosphodiesterase type 4 (PDE4), as recently approved by both the European (EMEA) and USA (FDA; Food and Drug Administration) medicine agencies.

Our research group integrates professionals from both University and Hospital and its research interest has focused on a topic of great relevance both in terms of prevalence and health costs, the pharmacology of  Asthma and  Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Now, we are focused on the pharmacological approach to new medical treatment: Stimulators and Activators of Soluble Guanylate Cyclase: Potential Therapeutic Indications on ASTHMA and COPD . Studies on the deleterious effects of cigarette smoke are one of the key points of our research.

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